Month: June 2017

Paorinher’s Main Challenges

HIV/AIDS remains a major challenge here in Uganda particularly among the children and the prevalence of HIV is instead going upwards instead of dropping as earlier reported. There is still a challenge in reducing mother to child transmission, which is the major cause of paediatric HIV/AIDS and it is the very reason why we must scale up our efforts to support the infected children. There is acute poverty, absence of quality education and lack of direction among the young people. The centre remains committed to fulfilling the set objectives below: Raise the health status of HIV + and vulnerable...

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A Thank You Note From the Chairman

Dear supporters, I would like to send you a big thank you from the bottom my heart for your vital support, encouragement and prayers for the on-going life changing works of re-building the lives of children and communities in Northern Uganda badly damaged by over 20 years of war between the LRA rebels and Ugandan government soldiers. Various international organisations including the United Nations documented over 25,000 children abducted and up to half a million people in Northern Uganda perished during the insurgency period between January 1986 and February 2006. The aftermath of the war left tens of thousand...

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Raymond’s Challenge

HART now wants to help Raymond and the PAORINHER centre develop agricultural land which can be used to provide much-needed nutrition for people living with HIV and establish an income source to help the centre become sustainable.

£10,000 will enable HART to help PAORINHER buy a second-hand tractor to clear 360 – 500 acres of land available to the centre which is currently unusable.

Please visit Raymond’s Just Giving page to make a contribution to this worthwhile cause: