Vulnerable children under Paorinher's care

Currently, over 1,110 vulnerable children attend Paorinher Centre both our Nursery and Primary Education. About 375 children are HIV+ children and Orphans looked after by the Centre. Another 117 HIV+ children are cared for in the community.

Up to 53 mothers and careers of HIV+ children get training, Counselling and financial support from the Centre, and with more support from people like you, we hope to increase our reach to another 150 HIV+ children and another 50 HIV+ Mothers by 2018.


We are grateful to the support we get from well- wishers like you and the community, our efforts are making a big difference in the present and future lives of the children and the community who have been seriously affected by the brutal 20 years war between the Lords Resistance Rebel group of Kony and the Ugandan Government, and later on being ravaged by both deadly and incurable HIV/AIDS diseases.

We kindly ask you for more support so that together we can give these children a future they can be proud of.

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Raymond’s Challenge

HART now wants to help Raymond and the PAORINHER centre develop agricultural land which can be used to provide much-needed nutrition for people living with HIV and establish an income source to help the centre become sustainable.

£10,000 will enable HART to help PAORINHER buy a second-hand tractor to clear 360 – 500 acres of land available to the centre which is currently unusable.

Please visit Raymond’s Just Giving page to make a contribution to this worthwhile cause: